Instrumentation and Control Technology - Certificate

The Instrumentation and Control technology program combines the theory and the hands-on training of state-of-the-art analog and digital instrumentation and measurements used in modern control technologies. Students learn to install, test, calibrate and maintain instrumentation that measure, indicate and control variables such as pressure, flow, level, density, temperature, force, vibration and chemical composition. Students apply mathematics and physics disciplines aligned with industrial standards in realistic situations encountered airing their career. In addition to employ their outcomes in updating, building, and modifying as required different control technologies to overcome any obstacle in the system functionality.

Prefix Title Credits
Course Requirements
ENGL 1110GComposition I4
INST 133Process Technology and Systems4
INST 165Equipment Processes4
INST 205Programmable Logic Controllers and Applications4
INST 251Instrumentation and Measurement5
OEET 110Basic Electricity and Electronics4
OETS 100Industrial/Construction Safety2
OETS 118Mathematics for Technicians3
Total Credits30
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
OETS 100 Industrial/Construction Safety 2
OETS 118 Mathematics for Technicians 3
INST 133 Process Technology and Systems 4
INST 251 Instrumentation and Measurement 5
OEET 110 Basic Electricity and Electronics 4
INST 165 Equipment Processes 4
INST 205 Programmable Logic Controllers and Applications 4
ENGL 1110G Composition I 4
 Total Credits30