Health Physics - Associate of Applied Science

Health Physics - Associate not available 2018-2019.

Branch Course Requirement
COLL 101College/Life Success3
Common Core & Related Requirements
ENGL 111GRhetoric and Composition4
ENGL 203GBusiness and Professional Communication3
or ENGL 218G Technical and Scientific Communication
COMM 253GPublic Speaking3
or COMM 265G Principles of Human Communication
C S 110Computer Literacy3
MATH 120Intermediate Algebra3
PSY 201GIntroduction to Psychology3
or SOC 101G Introductory Sociology
Core Course Requirements
Select one from the following:4
Natural History of Life
and Natural History of Life Laboratory
Introductory Microbiology
and Introductory Microbiology Laboratory
General Physics I
and General Physics I Laboratory
General Physics II
and General Physics II Laboratory
CHEM 111GGeneral Chemistry I4
CHEM 112GGeneral Chemistry II4
CHEM 211Organic Chemistry4
E T 220Internship1
MATH 121GCollege Algebra3
or STAT 251G Statistics for Business and the Behavioral Sciences
Approved E T Electives35
Total Credits77

Additional classes may be needed based on placement test results and course prerequisites. Visit with an advisor for help with creating a customized plan.