Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic - Certificate of Completion

All courses must be completed with a C or higher.

Prefix Title Credits
Supplemental Requirements
OEEM 150Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate5
OEEM 150 LEmergency Medical Technician Intermediate Lab2
OEEM 151Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate Field/Clinical2
Approved OEEM Elective1-3
Approved OEEM Elective1-3
Program Requirements
OEEM 201Human Pathophysiology3
OEEM 202EMT-Paramedic Respiratory Emergencies3
OEEM 203EMT-Paramedic Trauma Emergencies3
OEEM 206Introduction to Advanced Prehospital Care3
OEEM 207Introduction to Pharmacology3
OEEM 210Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation3
OEEM 212EMT-Paramedic Cardiovascular Emergencies3
OEEM 213EMT-Paramedic: Medical Emergencies I3
OEEM 214EMT--Paramedic: Medical Environmental Emergencies II3
OEEM 216EMT-Paramedic: Reproductive and Childhood Emergencies3
OEEM 230EMT-Paramedic Clinical Experience I3
OEEM 231EMT-Paramedic Clinical Experience II3
OEEM 240EMT-Paramedic Field Experience I3
OEEM 242EMT-Paramedic Field Internship3
OEEM 243EMT-Paramedic Preparation for Practice2
Approved OEEM Elective3
Total Credits58-62

Complete as needed according to program director.

A Suggested Plan of Study

Additional classes may be needed based on placement test results and course prerequisites. Visit with an advisor for help with creating a customized plan.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
OEEM 150 Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate 5
OEEM 150 L Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate Lab 2
OEEM 151 Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate Field/Clinical 1 2
OEEM 201 Human Pathophysiology 3
OEEM 202 EMT-Paramedic Respiratory Emergencies 3
OEEM 207 Introduction to Pharmacology 3
Second Year
OEEM 203 EMT-Paramedic Trauma Emergencies 3
OEEM 210 Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation 3
OEEM 216 EMT-Paramedic: Reproductive and Childhood Emergencies 3
Approved OEEM Elective 1-3
Approved OEEM Elective 1-3
OEEM 230 EMT-Paramedic Clinical Experience I 3
OEEM 240 EMT-Paramedic Field Experience I 3
Third Year
OEEM 212 EMT-Paramedic Cardiovascular Emergencies 3
OEEM 231 EMT-Paramedic Clinical Experience II 3
OEEM 206 Introduction to Advanced Prehospital Care 3
OEEM 213 EMT-Paramedic: Medical Emergencies I 3
Approved OEEM Elective 3
OEEM 242 EMT-Paramedic Field Internship 3
Fourth Year
OEEM 214 EMT--Paramedic: Medical Environmental Emergencies II 3
OEEM 243 EMT-Paramedic Preparation for Practice 2
 Total Credits58-62

Complete as needed according to program director.