Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic - Associate of Applied Science

All courses must be completed with a C or higher.

Branch Requirement
COLL 101College/Life Success3
General Education and Common Core Requirements
ENGL 111GRhetoric and Composition4
ENGL 203GBusiness and Professional Communication3
or ENGL 218G Technical and Scientific Communication
BOT/NURS 150Medical Terminology3
COMM 253GPublic Speaking3
or COMM 265G Principles of Human Communication
PSY 201GIntroduction to Psychology3
or SOC 101G Introductory Sociology
BIOL 225Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOL 226Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
MATH 120Intermediate Algebra3
Supplemental Requirements 1
Select 9-15 credits from the following:9-15
Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate5
Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate Lab2
Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate Field/Clinical2
Approved OEEM Elective1-3
Approved OEEM Elective1-3
Program Requirements
OEEM 201Human Pathophysiology3
OEEM 202EMT-Paramedic Respiratory Emergencies3
OEEM 203EMT-Paramedic Trauma Emergencies3
OEEM 206Introduction to Advanced Prehospital Care3
OEEM 207Introduction to Pharmacology3
OEEM 210Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation3
OEEM 212EMT-Paramedic Cardiovascular Emergencies3
OEEM 213EMT-Paramedic: Medical Emergencies I3
OEEM 214EMT--Paramedic: Medical Environmental Emergencies II3
OEEM 216EMT-Paramedic: Reproductive and Childhood Emergencies3
OEEM 230EMT-Paramedic Clinical Experience I3
OEEM 231EMT-Paramedic Clinical Experience II3
OEEM 240EMT-Paramedic Field Experience I3
Approved OEEM Elective3
OEEM 242EMT-Paramedic Field Internship3
OEEM 243EMT-Paramedic Preparation for Practice2
Total Credits88-98

Complete as needed according to program director.

Additional classes may be needed based on placement test results and/or course prerequisites. Visit with an advisor for help with creating a customized plan.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
ENGL 111G Rhetoric and Composition 4
BOT 150
Medical Terminology
or Medical Terminology
BIOL 225 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
COLL 101 College/Life Success 3
Public Speaking
or Principles of Human Communication
MATH 120 Intermediate Algebra 3
BIOL 226 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
Business and Professional Communication
or Technical and Scientific Communication
Second Year
OEEM 150 Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate 5
OEEM 150 L Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate Lab 2
OEEM 151 Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate Field/Clinical 2
OEEM 206 Introduction to Advanced Prehospital Care 3
OEEM 201 Human Pathophysiology 3
OEEM 202 EMT-Paramedic Respiratory Emergencies 3
OEEM 207 Introduction to Pharmacology 3
Third Year
OEEM 203 EMT-Paramedic Trauma Emergencies 3
OEEM 210 Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation 3
OEEM 216 EMT-Paramedic: Reproductive and Childhood Emergencies 3
Approved OEEM Elective 1-3
Approved OEEM Elective 1-3
OEEM 230 EMT-Paramedic Clinical Experience I 3
OEEM 240 EMT-Paramedic Field Experience I 3
Fourth Year
OEEM 212 EMT-Paramedic Cardiovascular Emergencies 3
OEEM 231 EMT-Paramedic Clinical Experience II 3
Approved OEEM Elective 3
OEEM 213 EMT-Paramedic: Medical Emergencies I 3
OEEM 242 EMT-Paramedic Field Internship 3
PSY 201G
Introduction to Psychology
or Introductory Sociology
Fifth Year
OEEM 214 EMT--Paramedic: Medical Environmental Emergencies II 3
OEEM 243 EMT-Paramedic Preparation for Practice 2
 Total Credits88-92