Electrical Trades - Certificate

Core Curriculum Requirements
HVAC 102Fundamentals of Electricity4
HVAC 103Electrical and Mechanical Controls I4
MAT 110Machine Operation and Safety3
MAT 102Print Reading for Industry3
MAT 130Applied Industrial Electricity I4
OEET 115Wiring Methods and Materials5
OEET 205National Electric Code3
Approved OEMN or OEET Elective4
Total Credits30

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Plan of Study Grid
First Year
HVAC 102 Fundamentals of Electricity 4
OEET 115 Wiring Methods and Materials 5
MAT 110 Machine Operation and Safety 3
MAT 130 Applied Industrial Electricity I 4
HVAC 103 Electrical and Mechanical Controls I 4
OEET 205 National Electric Code 3
Approved OEMN or OEET Elective 4
MAT 102 Print Reading for Industry 3
 Total Credits30