Drafting and Graphics Technology: General Drafting - Certificate

Technical Requirements
DRFT 101Introduction to Drafting and Design Technologies1
DRFT 108Drafting Concepts/Descriptive Geometry2
DRFT 109Computer Drafting Fundamentals3
DRFT 112Drafting Concepts/Computer Drafting Fundamentals I4
DRFT 113Drafting Concepts/Computer Drafting Fundamentals II4
DRFT 130General Building Codes3
DRFT 151Construction Principles and Print Reading3
DRFT 160Construction Take-Offs and Estimating3
DRFT 176Solid Modeling, Rendering and Animation3
DRFT 180Residential Drafting3
Total Credits29

Additional classes may be needed based on placement test results and course prerequisites. Visit with an advisor for help with creating a customized plan.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
DRFT 101 Introduction to Drafting and Design Technologies 1
DRFT 108 Drafting Concepts/Descriptive Geometry 2
DRFT 112 Drafting Concepts/Computer Drafting Fundamentals I 4
DRFT 130 General Building Codes 3
DRFT 176 Solid Modeling, Rendering and Animation 3
DRFT 151 Construction Principles and Print Reading 3
DRFT 109 Computer Drafting Fundamentals 3
DRFT 160 Construction Take-Offs and Estimating 3
DRFT 180 Residential Drafting 3
 Total Credits25