Drafting and Graphics Technology: Architectural Drafting - Certificate

Technical Requirements
DRFT 101Introduction to Drafting and Design Technologies1
DRFT 108Drafting Concepts/Descriptive Geometry2
DRFT 109Computer Drafting Fundamentals3
DRFT 112Drafting Concepts/Computer Drafting Fundamentals I4
DRFT 113Drafting Concepts/Computer Drafting Fundamentals II4
DRFT 114Introduction to Solid Modeling3
DRFT 130General Building Codes3
DRFT 160Construction Take-Offs and Estimating3
DRFT 180Residential Drafting3
Total Credits26

Additional classes may be needed based on placement test results and course prerequisites. Visit with an advisor for help with creating a customized plan.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
DRFT 101 Introduction to Drafting and Design Technologies 1
DRFT 112 Drafting Concepts/Computer Drafting Fundamentals I 4
DRFT 130 General Building Codes 3
Approved DRFT Elective 2
DRFT 109 Computer Drafting Fundamentals (DRFT elective) 3
DRFT 108 Drafting Concepts/Descriptive Geometry 2
DRFT 113 Drafting Concepts/Computer Drafting Fundamentals II 4
DRFT 160 Construction Take-Offs and Estimating 3
DRFT 180 Residential Drafting 3
DRFT 114 Introduction to Solid Modeling 3
 Total Credits28