Learning Assistance Center

The Learning Assistance Center (L.A.C.) provides instructional support for students at NMSU Carlsbad. The goals of the L.A.C. include tutoring students for a wide variety of developmental and college level courses, helping students improve their study and learning skills, and connecting students to the network of support available at the university and within the community.

The L.A.C. oversees the following:


  • Individualized coursework: Curriculum for specific learning needs through UNIV 110 Personal Learning Skills I, UNIV 111 and COLL 155 Special Topics.
  • Tutoring for credit: Students may be eligible for math and/or English tutoring credit through CCDS, Developmental Skills courses.


  • Individual and Group Tutoring: Scheduled academic course assistance by qualified tutors for a wide variety of courses. Visit the L.A.C. for more information. Math tutoring for all CCDM and MATH courses through MATH 121G College Algebra.
    • Learning and Study Skills: Assistance with a variety of needs from learning style assessment to time management. Visit the L.A.C. for more information.
    • Test Prep: Tutoring, books and online preparation for Accuplacer and ACT.

All services are offered free of charge to qualified NMSU Carlsbad students. Courses are offered for credit and adhere to the university tuition schedule. Students must be admitted to NMSU Carlsbad to access all services and courses. Students may receive credit for L.A.C. services through the following courses titles: UNIV 110 Personal Learning Skills I, UNIV 111, COLL 155 Special Topics or CCDS, Developmental Skills courses (tutorial support for math, English and/or reading). Students registering for any of these courses must follow their regular course registration process and pay for each course at the applicable college tuition rate. All registered students must meet with a tutor within the first week of classes. These classes are graded on an S/U basis.

For more information about these services or its offerings, call (575) 234-9315, visit the L.A.C. in Room 253 or visit our website at carlsbad.nmsu.edu. The L.A.C. hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and the hours on Friday is 8 a.m. to 12 noon; during the Fall and Spring semesters. Summer hours are determined at the end of the spring semester.