Developmental Programs and Services

The mission of the Developmental Education Program at NMSU Carlsbad is to help students cultivate the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for success in college-level curriculum by providing quality instruction and academic support that encourages students to be active participants in the learning process.

New students are placed into developmental education courses based on their ACT and/or Accuplacer placement testing scores. The course placement level is determined based on system wide standardized “cut-off” scores. The university strongly recommends that all required developmental education coursework be started during the first year of enrollment.

Students must pass all developmental coursework with a grade of “C” or higher, in order to move on to the next course in the sequence. Students who earn less than a “C” in a course will be required to repeat that course and must obtain the required minimum grade before moving to the next course in the sequence. Please note that credit earned in developmental coursework is not applied toward any degree or certificate at NMSU Carlsbad, but completion of developmental coursework may be a requirement for any degree or certificate. Credit for developmental coursework is included in the credit calculations for financial aid. Most developmental courses are offered for 4 credits, which includes 3 credits of instruction and 1 credit of laboratory time to practice skills taught during instruction. A variety of course instructional formats may be offered. Please refer to the semester course schedule or visit the L.A.C. for more information regarding specifics for each course section.

Prefix Title Credits
Developmental Reading Courses
CCDR 105 NFundamentals of Academic Reading.3
CCDS 109 NStudy Skills for Reading1
CCDR 110 NEffective College Reading3
Developmental English Courses
CCDE 105 NEffective Communication Skills4
CCDS 113 NStudy Skills for English1-3
Developmental Math Courses
CCDM 105 NMathematics Preparation and Pre-Algebra5
CCDM 114 NAlgebra Skills4
Tutorial/Skills Courses
FYEX 1131Personal Learning Skills I 11
FYEX 1996Special Topics2
Approved FYEX Elective1
College Level English Courses
ENGL 1110GComposition I 24
College Level Math Courses
MATH 1134Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics I3
MATH 1130GSurvey of Mathematics3
MATH 1215Intermediate Algebra3
MATH 1220GCollege Algebra3
Approved MATH Elective3

Requires the student to design a curriculum of study to meet individualized learning goals. Graded on an S/U scale, based on the number of hours completed and amount of progress made during the semester. Students must contact the Tutor Coordinator in the L.A.C. prior to the start of the semester to receive additional information and sign a contract agreement that stipulates the number of required hours and dictates the curriculum to be followed. This course may be repeated in subsequent semesters for a maximum of 3 credits.


This course is required for all degree programs. This course should be taken only by those who either initially “placed” into the course (by placement testing) or by those concurrently enrolled in CCDS 113 N Study Skills for English.

Developmental Courses and Course Sequence

Before students enroll for any college level course listed above, they should have satisfied the following requirements:

  1. have taken and passed any stated prerequisite course with a grade of “C” or better, or
  2. have taken the placement examination earlier, the result of which must affirm a student’s placement at a college course level.

Courses beyond the developmental level may or may not be degree required (check the degree plan first).