Renewable Energy Systems Technology - Associate of Applied Science

A grade of C- or better is required in all courses.

Total Credits Required for Degree: 63

CHEM 110GPrinciples and Applications of Chemistry4
or PHYS 110G The Great Ideas of Physics
E S 110GIntroductory Environmental Science4
E T 125Introduction to Renewable Energy3
ENGL 111GRhetoric and Composition4
MATH 121GCollege Algebra3
or MATH 210G Mathematics Appreciation
OEEM 101CPR for the Health Care Professional1
OETS 120Business Fundamentals3
TCEN 111Basic Electrical Principles I, DC Circuits4
TCEN 112PV Power Generation Design Fundamentals3
TCEN 113OSHA 10 Hour Construction Hazard Identifications1
TCEN 115Wind Power Generation Design Fundamentals3
TCEN 121Basic Electrical Principles II, AC Circuits4
TCEN 221Roofing Materials and Methods3
TCEN 222Photo Voltaic Grid Tie Installation4
TCEN 223Photo Voltaic National Electrical Code Principles2
TCEN 241Solar Thermal SHW Principles/Installation and Maintenance3
TCEN 246Building Weatherization & Auditor Fundamentals3
TCEN 251Advanced Photo Voltaic On/Off Grid Installation3
TCEN 252NABCEP Entry-Level Exam Review1
TCEN 253Renewable Energy System Troubleshooting and Maintenance3
TCEN 254Renewable Energy Internship 14
Total Credits63

 Taken twice for a total of 4 credits.

Renewable Energy Systems Technology MAP

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
E T 125 Introduction to Renewable Energy 3
Mathematics Appreciation
or College Algebra
OEEM 101 CPR for the Health Care Professional 1
TCEN 111 Basic Electrical Principles I, DC Circuits 4
TCEN 112 PV Power Generation Design Fundamentals 3
TCEN 113 OSHA 10 Hour Construction Hazard Identifications 1
OETS 120 Business Fundamentals 3
TCEN 115 Wind Power Generation Design Fundamentals 3
TCEN 121 Basic Electrical Principles II, AC Circuits 4
TCEN 222 Photo Voltaic Grid Tie Installation 4
TCEN 223 Photo Voltaic National Electrical Code Principles 2
Second Year
Principles and Applications of Chemistry
or The Great Ideas of Physics
ENGL 111G Rhetoric and Composition 4
TCEN 221 Roofing Materials and Methods 3
TCEN 251 Advanced Photo Voltaic On/Off Grid Installation 3
TCEN 254 Renewable Energy Internship 2
E S 110G Introductory Environmental Science 4
TCEN 241 Solar Thermal SHW Principles/Installation and Maintenance 3
TCEN 246 Building Weatherization & Auditor Fundamentals 3
TCEN 252 NABCEP Entry-Level Exam Review 1
TCEN 253 Renewable Energy System Troubleshooting and Maintenance 3
TCEN 254 Renewable Energy Internship 2
 Total Credits63