Business Office Technology - Associate of Applied Science

A grade of C- or better is required in all courses.

Total Credits Required for Degree: 60

BMGT 110Introduction to Business3
BMGT 140Principles of Supervision I3
or MGT 201 Introduction to Management
BMGT 205Customer Service in Business3
BMGT 240Human Relations3
BOT 101Keyboarding Basics3
BOT 106Business Mathematics3
or BMGT 216 Business Math
BOT 110Records Management3
BOT 203Office Equipment and Procedures I3
BOT 213Word Processing I3
or OECS 211 Word Processing Applications
BOT 220Internship in Business Office Technology 14
BOT 239Personal Development3
C S 110Computer Literacy3
or OECS 105 Introduction to Information Technology
COMM 265GPrinciples of Human Communication3
or COMM 253G Public Speaking
ENGL 111GRhetoric and Composition4
ENGL 203GBusiness and Professional Communication3
OECS 110Introduction to Power Point1
OECS 215Spreadsheet Applications3
Administrative Assistant or Bookkeeping Assistant Option9
Total Credits60

Taken twice for a total of 4 credits.

Administrative Assistant Option

BOT 102Keyboarding: Document Formatting3
BOT 105Business English I3
BOT 214Word Processing II3
or OECS 209 Computer Graphic Arts
Total Credits9

Bookkeeping Assistant Option

ACCT 221Financial Accounting3
or ACCT 200 A Survey of Accounting
BOT 140Payroll Accounting3
BOT 205Microcomputer Accounting I3
Total Credits9