PSY 201G. Introduction to Psychology

3 Credits (3)

Methods and principles of behavior. Topics include human evolution and development, biopsychology, perception, learning, thinking, motivation, social interaction, and the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal behavior.

PSY 211. Introduction to Research

1 Credit (1)

Introductory skills in library and on-line research. Emphasizes the scientific method including oral and written presentation of research according to the APA Style Handbook. Does not replace PSY 310 as requirement in B.A. degree. Community Colleges only.

PSY 266. Applied Psychology

3 Credits (3)

Explanation of the psychological principles of everyday living. Emphasizes motivation, learning of intelligent behavior, and applications of psychology to social issues. Community Colleges only.

PSY 274. A Study of Substance Abuse through Service Learning

3 Credits (3)

Physiological and psychological impact of drug use on human behavior. Emphasizes practical applications of intervention and prevention in the community. Community Colleges only.

PSY 290. Psychology of Adjustment

3 Credits (3)

Analyzes the responses people have to conflict, emotional stress, and frustration. It focuses on adapting to these problems and examines both normal and neurotic responses. Community College campus only.