OEPT 100. Photographics I

3 Credits (2+2P)

Covers basic black and white photographic techniques. Emphasizes black and white film and paper handling, film processing, proof printing, projection print, and print finishing. Adjustable camera required. Same as ART 270.

OEPT 120. Photo Finishing and Presentation

2 Credits (1+2P)

Use of visual language for personal expression. Freelance photography; care of original photos; preparation of portfolios, photographic markets, exhibitions and judging, galleries and copyrights. Students will prepare a photographic portfolio. Restricted to: Community Colleges only.

Prerequisite(s): CMT 115.

OEPT 155. Portraiture

3 Credits (2+2P)

Hands-on study of professional photography involving people. Studio and environmental portraits, fashion/glamour, and wedding photography. Studio and exterior lighting techniques, selecting lighting equipment, film and supplies. Restricted to: Community Colleges only.

Prerequisite(s): ART 270 or CMT 115.