GOVT 100G. American National Government

3 Credits (3)

Class critically explores political institutions and processes including: the U.S. constitutional system; legislative, executive and judicial processes; political parties, elections, media, policy making, civic participation, popular and group influence

GOVT 101. Introductory Government Seminar

1 Credit (1)

Introduction to the government major. Designed to assist students in planning college experience and preparing for professional or advanced educational opportunities upon graduation. Graded: S/U. Restricted to: Main campus only.

GOVT 110G. Introduction to Political Science

3 Credits (3)

This class covers fundamental concepts such as justice, sovereignty and power; political theories and ideologies; and government systems that range from democratic to authoritarian.

GOVT 150G. American Political Issues

3 Credits (3)

Major contemporary problems of American society and their political implications.

GOVT 160G. International Political Issues

3 Credits (3)

Current developments and issues in world politics.

GOVT 201. Special Topics

3 Credits (3)

Specific topics to be announced in Schedule of Classes. Community Colleges only. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits.