COLL 101. College/Life Success

1-3 Credits

Provides students with an opportunity to cultivate the skills, values, and attitudes necessary to become confident, capable students, and contributing community members. Topics include time management, memory techniques, relationships, health issues, money management, and college and community resources.

COLL 103. Managing Your Money

1 Credit (1)

Principles and strategies for effective money management. Includes financial goal setting, both short and long term. Explores the relationship between career and income earning potential. Explores issues of credit and debt management and prevention of identity theft.

COLL 108. Academic Reading and Study Skills

1-4 Credits

Introduction to and practice with strategies for effective reading and studying at the college level. Provides laboratory.

COLL 111. Academic Skills for Mathematics

1-3 Credits (1-3)

Emphasis on study skills for success in math, up to the calculus level, tailored to meet individual student needs. Topics include test preparation strategies, efficient time management and practice methods, and introduction to and practice with learning software. Consent of instructor required.

COLL 120. Career Exploration

1 Credit (1)

Survey of careers possible with community college associate degrees. Information on how to make a career choice.

COLL 155. Special Topics

1-4 Credits

Covers specific study skills and critical thinking topics. Specific sub-titles to be listed in the Schedule of Classes. May be repeated for a maximum of 8 credits.

COLL 185. Prior Learning: Professional Portfolio

1-6 Credits

Creating a portfolio that outlines professional and educational experiences. Life skills and education learned through workplace training and non-traditional education experiences will be evaluated for consideration of awarding college credit. Students will draft a life history paper, prepare a professional resume, assemble supporting documentation and evidence in support of their petition to receive college credit for prior learning. Culminating activities will include an oral presentation of the portfolio contents. Graded S/U.

Prerequisite: CCDE 110N or equivalent.

COLL 201. Critical Thinking Skills

3 Credits (3)

Introduction to critical thinking processes. Develops higher order thinking necessary to evaluate clearly, logically, and accurately one s academic and life experiences. Practical emphases on assertive thinking and perspectives.

Prerequisite: placement scores for CCDE 110 N or higher.