ART 101G. Orientation in Art

3 Credits (2+3P)

A multicultural examination of the principles and philosophies of the visual arts and the ideas expressed through them.

ART 110G. Visual Concepts

3 Credits (2+4P)

Introduction to the philosophies of art, visual thinking, and principles of visual organization. Designed to give students a broad view of aesthetic traditions, ideologies, and techniques basic to the creation and evaluation of art. Principles and concepts are taught in a common lecture and applied in parallel small studio sections. For non-art majors only.

ART 125. Foundations in Art

3 Credits (2+4P)

The Foundations course will focus on a deceptively simple question. "What is Contemporary Art, and how can we make it?" Through the exploration of basic visual design concepts, collaborative learning, and interdisciplinary studio production, this course will help us to discover what it means to be an artist in the 21st century. Restricted to Las Cruces campus only.

ART 150. Drawing I

3 Credits (2+4P)

Introduction to the skill of seeing through exercises that emphasize careful drawing from the still life and utilize a range of drawing materials and techniques. Outside assignments required. Intended for non-art majors on main campus. May be repeated up to 3 credits.

ART 151. Drawing II

3 Credits (2+4P)

Continued emphasis on drawing from observation by focusing on still life and other subject matter. Covers a range of materials, techniques and concepts. Outside assignments. Restricted to ART and ANVE/DFM majors.

Prerequisite(s): ART 150.

ART 155. 2-D Fundamentals

3 Credits (3)

Introduction to two-dimensional space emphasizing visual elements and design principles as they apply to composition. A variety of materials are used in the studio projects and sketchbook exercises. Developing knowledge in vocabulary, color theory and skill in translating ideas into design are encouraged. Restricted to Community Colleges campuses only.

ART 156. 3-D Fundamentals

3 Credits (3)

Compositional organization of three-dimensional space explored through a broad range of visual exercises. Resourceful and creative problem solving encouraged. Restricted to Community Colleges campuses only.

ART 157. Color Theory

3 Credits (2+4P)

Various color theories as they relate to compositional organization. Required for art education majors.

ART 160. Computer-Based Illustration

3 Credits (2+4P)

Introduction to the principles of computerized drawing and design. Using the basic concepts, drawing tools, and vocabulary of Adobe Illustrator.

Prerequisite: ART 150, ART 155, or consent of instructor.

ART 161. Digital Imaging I

3 Credits (2+4P)

Work with basic concepts, tools, and vocabulary of Adobe Photoshop to create effective visual communication. Includes selection tools, cloning, copying and pasting, color correction, image restoration, filters, and special effects. Community Colleges only.

ART 163. Digital Graphics

3 Credits (2+4P)

Importing and exporting images and text into various desktop publishing formats. Exploring imaging, drawing, and page layout applications. Introduction to typography.

Prerequisite: ART 161.

ART 165. Web Page Design

3 Credits (2+4P)

Introduction to the creation of well-designed and organized Web sites. Emphasis on building creative but functional user-friendly sites. Introduction to HTML, Flash, Java Script, and Web-authoring software. Community Colleges only. Same as OEPT 165.

Prerequisite: ART 161.

ART 208. Art Workshop

0.5 Credits (.5)

Required for all freshman and sophomore Art majors for four semesters, this workshop is designed to build professional student cohorts within the Department of Art; incorporate visiting artist and scholar lectures into the curriculum; and actively involve students in exhibitions and gallery and departmental events. May be repeated up to 4 credits. Crosslisted with: ART 308. Restricted to: BA Studio Art, BA Art History BFA Studio Art, BFA Museum Conservation majors. Restricted to Las Cruces campus only.

ART 250. Introduction to Drawing

3 Credits (2+4P)

Introduction to drawing with a focus on technical, structural, and methodological skills. Subjects include still life and live figure models.

ART 252. Aspects of Drawing

2-3 Credits

Continued work in drawing with emphasis on personal creative endeavor. Community Colleges only.

Prerequisites: ART 150, ART 151, and ART 250.

ART 255. Introduction to Graphic Design

3 Credits (2+4P)

Introduction to the principles of visual communication and digital media, letterforms, typography and identity marks. Projects produced using conventional and digital tools.

ART 260. Introduction to Painting

3 Credits (2+4P)

Introduction to basic skills of painting through various exercises that emphasize working from observation, images and imagination. May be repeated up to 3 credits.

Prerequisite(s): ART 250 or ART 150.

ART 261. Painting Methods, Techniques and Applications

3 Credits (2+4P)

The investigation of formal aspects of painting, an examination of painting techniques, and an exploration of various methodologies regarding form and content as applied to critical thinking skills through medium of paint.

Prerequisite(s): ART 150, ART 260.

ART 262. Aspects of Painting

2-3 Credits

Varied painting media: continued development of painting skills.

Prerequisites: ART 150, ART 155 (for art majors), ART 260, or consent of instructor.

ART 265. Introduction to Sculpture

3 Credits (2+4P)

Beginning sculpture students “explore space” while learning new processes and skills, including mold making, welding and woodworking.

ART 267. Art Portfolio Preparation

3 Credits (2+4P)

Refine general marketing strategies, personal portfolio and resumes. Define, target, and penetrate personal target markets. Students develop individual promotional packages.

Prerequisites: ART 163, ART 269, and ART 272, or consent of instructor.

ART 269. Advanced Computer-Based Illustration

3 Credits (2+4P)

Design custom graphics and create special effects with filtering, special effects on type, graphing, technical illustrations, and three-dimensional drawing using Adobe Illustrator.

Prerequisites: ART 157, ART 160, and ART 161, or consent of instructor.

ART 270. Introduction to Photography

3 Credits (2+4P)

Introduction to the production of digital images within the context of contemporary art. Utilizes digital SLR cameras with an emphasis on basic camera operation, picture composition, image processing and digital workflow. A DSLR camera is required. May be repeated up to 3 credits.

ART 272. Digital Imaging II

3 Credits (2+4P)

Refining of individual creative styles and technical skills using Adobe Photoshop. Emphasis on input and output predictability, and working with large file productions. Community colleges only. Restricted to: Community Colleges only.

Prerequisite(s): ART 161.

ART 275. Introduction to Ceramics

3 Credits (2+4P)

Introduction to the technical processes and conceptual concerns of working with the ceramic material. Students will explore various methods of forming with earthenware to make both functional and expressive works out of clay.

ART 276. Ceramics I, B

3 Credits (2+4P)

Beginning ceramics, complementary half to ART 275. (ART 275 and ART 276 do not need to be taken consecutively.) Basic building techniques of coil, slab, and throwing are introduced. High-fire and low-fire clays are used.

ART 280. Introduction to Printmaking

3 Credits (2+4P)

Introduction to the field of printmaking through projects that focus on specific processes, such as relief, intaglio, collography, paper lithography, and a variety of transfer and stencil techniques. Students engage in several assignments that are collaborative, as well as individual projects designed for development of personal aesthetics.

ART 285. Introduction to Metals and Jewelry

3 Credits (2+4P)

Introduction to fundamental processes, design, and conceptual development for metal fabrication of jewelry and functional/non-functional objects.

ART 286. Stained Glass

3 Credits (2+4P)

Instruction in the fundamental fabrication and design techniques for stained glass. Introduction to visual decision making skills, historical, and critical issues of the medium. Community Colleges only.

ART 294. Special Topics in Studio

1-3 Credits

Specific subjects and credits to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. No more than 9 credits toward a degree.

Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

ART 295G. Introduction to Art History I

3 Credits (3)

An introduction to the principles of art history within a chronological framework of the art of the Western World. All media will be discussed. From prehistoric times to the fourteenth century.

ART 296G. Introduction to Art History II

3 Credits (3)

Continuation of ART 295, Art of the Western World from Late Gothic to the present. May be repeated up to 3 credits.

ART 298. Writing in Art

3 Credits (3)

This reading- and writing-intensive course will introduce students to various approaches of writing about historical art.